Social media connects nature lovers from across the UK

Sometimes being a nature lover is looked on as uncool and strange, whether this is at school, in our working lives or in social groups. Who knows why! Everything to do with nature is fascinating, but that doesn’t change the judgement and opinions of some others who might accept that it is cool to be interested in tigers and lions but that if you like watching the birds in your garden, then you’re a little weird.

When you are younger it is especially difficult not to be influenced by the opinions of class mates and other judgmental characters, and you might perhaps begin to spend less time appreciating nature and more time on a specific video game that everyone is playing and talking about at school. Sadly some might become distanced from nature despite an initial interest. However, social media allows a greater connectivity with other nature lovers across the UK. You can read about their wildlife adventures on a blog, browse through their amazing photos, join in discussions about particular topics and share your own experiences. Reading about other people’s adventures visiting different places or articles on a particular conservation subject can motivate you to learn more, go outside and perhaps even create a blog and share your own adventures.

It is so important that young people interested in nature feel connected with others who share the same interest when they are growing up because it can be a rather lonely place otherwise. This is where the New Nature e-magazine comes in as it hopes to connect ‘young’ people (not that there is an age limit to those who can read the magazine) and discuss everything to do with nature. The first issue of New Nature is currently being developed and will have articles written by the next generation for everyone to read and enjoy, and it is a pleasure to be part of the team bringing the magazine to you. The magazine itself will cover various topics including conservation news, specific species, patch chats, book reviews, opinions, research, careers advice and lots more. This e-magazine, which is free to download, hopes to interest and connect young conservationists across the UK, as well as those in other countries, whether they are birders, walkers, writers, ecologists or just love being outdoors. It is so important people do not feel isolated and have others to share their interest with. Social media can therefore have a positive impact on the future of conservation because of the connectivity it allows us.

If you are under 30 years of age (or over if you wish to be interviewed for a careers piece) you can email your article ideas to us at



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